Every child is unique. And we treat them
that way.


During the office visit, parents often bring up serious concerns. Whether the worry stems from their child struggling in school, or breathing trouble, the PS doctors want to do everything in their power to diagnose and help. However, a pediatrician’s office is a busy place, and without derailing the entire patient schedule, Pediatric Specialists can’t easily provide the time and attention these concerns require in a single appointment.


We developed innovative web-based screening applications. These assessments, designed to screen for ADHD, Asthma, and other important health issues, are completed in the privacy of the patient’s home, and submitted to a secure database. The scored results are then downloaded and inserted into the child’s medical record to be reviewed by their physician. When the patient comes back for their follow up visit, Pediatric Specialists set aside the appropriate time to focus on their particular concern. This way, the family gets the attention they would expect from their physician. And because it’s planned, the office stays on schedule, benefiting the rest of their patients too. Additionally the screening results provide an invaluable diagnosis aide for the doctor.


The HIPPA compliant screenings are auto-scored saving the physicians valuable time, and are billable to insurance. Using widely accepted curriculum, these screenings document care and protect the practice from a medical legal point of view. While helping keep the office on schedule, they also generate a dedicated follow-up appointment. As part of Pediatric Specialists’ comprehensive care, this focus on the child gives parents peace of mind, knowing their doctor is dedicated to addressing their concerns.

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