“I’m headed to California and
need a backhaul.”


Truck drivers are always on the road.  Isolated from operations and client interactions, they often find it hard to stay in the loop. And because they only get paid when they’re moving cargo, lack of information can hurt their business. With clients, information is the glue of the relationship so why not make it available when they want it?  Information is power in the transportation industry. It keeps trucks loaded and on the road and having a way to share key information and documents with clients provides a competitive edge in a competitive business.


We created a custom intranet/extranet and then developed tools to mine vital driver, agent, and client information from their in-house proprietary management/accounting software. Then we created portals and tool sets for each audience where by login information is shared. Clients are able to login for dispatches, routings, permits, and pickup and delivery schedules. Drivers are able to access a live load board, see pay settlement information, and are even reminded of mandatory inspections, and license renewals. 

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Custom application development, third party software integration, enterprise web hosting, enterprise email, and brand development/marketing by our marketing group, Wilburn Thomas.