No Daddy, we’re
not a mega ISP.

We have absolutely nothing against the huge commercial internet service providers, but that aint us. To put it simply, we must cook in our own kitchen to offer our level of service and security. Like the big guys, it takes a password, fingerprint, and retinal scan to access our servers living in locked racks. We house our equipment in a tier III commercial facility with a triple redundant internet backbone, power, and fire suppression. Imagine engineers running around in white coats and clip boards shivering because it’s really cold in there.

However, we know that it takes more than fancy equipment to host applications on a 100% up time service model. It requires the watchful eyes of our engineering staff to monitor hardware, to run encrypted backups, and to be ever vigilant against hacker intrusion and virus infiltration. We even have cold preconfigured servers in the racks waiting on standby to be turned on in the event of a breech, but so far, we have never needed them. Knock on wood.  

99.998% uptime 24/7, for 3,365 days and counting. We can live with that. Can you?