What is the
procedure to weld
P91 Super Duplex?


Westinghouse Electric Company’s field services divisions deploy employees and seasonal work force all around the world. The nature of this work is highly complex and engineering based. And much of this work is in nuclear power plants where an imperfection of any kind is not an option. They face two crucial technical information-sharing challenges. First, the creation, review, vetting and perfection of procedure documents. And second, a way to distribute this information securely around the world.


We developed a document management tool that passes new documents though the vetting chain of command required to make it an official process. Once it is approved the application will allow only approved personnel to search and view specific documents via the internet so they may be view from job sites anywhere in the world. Used by WEC Welding and Machining, PCI Energy Services, WEC Carolina Energy Solutions, WEC Welding Institute, WEC Equipment & Machining Solutions, and Aggressive Equipment, information access is controlled by login to insure that only documents an individual has permission to see will be shown. We worked with Westinghouse IT staff to develop this application so that it uses Westinghouse network access security for employees and contractors.


Custom Application Development